Carlie Lindsey


+1 (808) 652-2302

As someone born and raised on Kaua’i, Carlie has become immersed in what it’s like to lead an active lifestyle. She’s dabbled in team sports throughout her childhood but eventually found her true calling in the form of Olympic weightlifting. After doing a year-long test run in CrossFit, she decided to solely gear her focus toward perfecting the necessary components needed in weightlifting: speed, strength, and technique.

Her mission of perfecting different areas of fitness isn’t just a personal endeavor, however, as she also seeks to perfect fitness in the lives of others. She has the ability and experience to teach, spot, and correct even the most intricate of movements found within the fitness world. In addition, she is able to choose and apply these movements accordingly depending on the individual and their goals. 

From a personal and professional approach, Carlie seeks to enhance overall performance with aesthetics coming as a byproduct of the process. Although everyone has their own set of goals, Carlie has an arsenal of tools to help you reach them, regardless of what they are!