The Science of Plant vs Animal Protein

Vegan diets are more popular than ever right now. What does being vegan mean for building muscle and maintaining lean mass? In this video, I go through the science that looks at whether plant or animal-based diets are better for building muscle.

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Tips on Returning to Your Gym Routine

Each of us has faced many challenges in the last several months and we now collectively look forward to a phased-in reopening of our economies and gaining a semblance of life that extends past quarantine. The world we now encounter

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COVID-19 Precautions Kauai Athletic Club


As we continue to monitor the latest updates from federal, state, and county officials in regard to the spread of COVID-19 on Kauai, we will keep you updated with the latest changes to our operations and continue to remind all of our members to exercise all posted precautions.

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FEEL ENERGIZED AND READY TO START YOUR DAY Without a doubt, feeling energetic and optimistic in the morning has a significantly positive impact on not only our general approach to the tasks and goals that lay ahead for the day,

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